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Whether you're a seasoned coach wanting to take your coaching business to new heights, or a newcomer to the field looking to build a successful coaching business from scratch... then look no further

How to Coach Coaches is the complete training guide for becoming an 'expert' high-ticket personal or business development coach... for 'other' coaches.

In this comprehensive guide, author Dr. Paul Callaway takes you through the '13' success principles outlined in Napoleon Hill's classic book, Think and Grow Rich, and shows how to apply these proven success principles to help elevate your coaching business to the next level. 

With decades of experience in the coaching industry,
  Dr. Paul Callaway knows exactly what it takes to succeed in this specialized field of high-ticket personal and business development coaching business.
Inside, you'll discover:
- Strategies for building a successful coaching business.
- Advanced coaching techniques for helping your clients achieve breakthrough results.
- Specific guidelines for coaches who want to become 'expert' coaches... for 'any' niche... when coaching:
Individuals - Businesses - Or, other coaches
- And much more!

How to Coach Coaches is the ultimate resource guide for achieving your coaching business development goals!

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Living the Legacy Certified Mentor and 
Professional Personal and Business Development Coach
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